Tailbone Pain – Bruised Tailbone or Broken Tailbone

Coccydynia/Tailbone Pain

Tailbone pain (coccydynia) is an inflammation, dislocation or fracture of the bottom tip of the tailbone, called the coccyx, which typically causes constant pain and tenderness in the buttocks area. The pain is acute and will generally feel worse when sitting or doing any activity that puts pressure on the tailbone. The condition is more common in women than men and may be caused by an injury (like a fall), giving birth or sitting for a very long period of time. There have also been rare cases when an infection or tumor can caused this condition. In most cases, coccydynia spontaneously occurs.

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The most common symptoms of coccydynia are:

  • Sensitivity and/or ache in the tailbone
  • Accute pain that is made worse when sitting or pressure is applied
  • Pain during bowel movements or if constipated
  • Pain during sexual intercourse


Some of the most common treatments for coccydynia include:

  • A padded seat cushion
  • Medications
  • Nerve blocks
  • Sacral nerve stimulation
  • Surgery (last option)

A combination of these treatments will usually work to alleviate the pain.

Common Questions

Is it also called a bruised tailbone?

Yes, many people refer to it as a bruised tailbone. Or, in more severe cases, people may think they may have broken their tailbone. Coccydynia can be the result of inflammation (bruising), dislocation or a fracture of their tailbone.

Why is coccydynia more common for women?

The occurrence of coccydynia happens to women more than men primarily because the female pelvis is broader and the coccyx is more exposed. The coccyx may also be injured or fractured during childbirth.

Do I have a broken tailbone?

There are cases of coccydynia that are a result of a fractured (broken) coccyx. We suggest that if you believe you have a fractured tailbone, schedule an appointment with SpineOne and have one of our highly trained physicians diagnose your coccydynia.

What can I do to relieve the pain in my tailbone?

Unfortunately, coccydynia can be very painful. Generally, relief from coccydynia involves treatment, rest and refraining from any activities that could potentially aggravate or place pressure on the tailbone.

How long will it take for the pain to stop?

Time needed for healing is completely dependent upon the severity of the coccydynia (fractured versus inflamed for instance) and the treatment regimen for the condition. You’ll want to discuss treatment options with a SpineOne physician to strategize your treatment plan.

Where can I get treatment for coccydynia?

SpineOne is Denver’s premier medical center for the treatment of spine-related conditions and disorders, including coccydynia. We recommend you call and schedule an appointment with one of our spine specialists and start improving your quality of life.