SpineOne is a one-stop location for full treatment of your back and joint pain. The SpineOne clinic has friendly staff who will help you through your initial examination and evaluation to discover the likely causes of your pain. If your doctor needs to look closer, we have an open MRI and CT scan just two floors down where we can get your images taken and read the same day. Finally, we have our modern ambulatory surgery center in the same building where we offer a wide range of treatments and minimally-invasive surgery to give you relief from your pain.

The Lone Tree Medical Centre

SpineOne Medical Center
Park Meadows Imaging Open MRI
The Surgery Center at Lone Tree

SpineOne has been helping people all over Colorado live pain free for over a decade. We’ve gathered a team of physicians at the top of their craft who are trained in the treatment of sport- and non-sport related spinal injuries and conditions. Our mission is to get you pain free and back to your life.

If our doctors need to take a closer look, help is just one floor away. Park Meadows Imaging, located in the SpineOne medical center, offers sophisticated diagnostic imaging, such as digital x-rays, Open MRI, and CAT scan. We can often complete and read your images on the same day you visit.

If treatment is necessary, SpineOne’s physicians are trained in minimally invasive interventional procedures, such as disc decompressions, injections, and root blocks. Everything you could possibly need for relief from back and neck pain is available right here.

What We Treat

Back and neck pain are typically signs of an underlying condition or disorder; SpineOne offers the latest in the evaluation and non-surgical/interventional treatment of that underlying condition or disorder, often resulting from:

  • Auto accidents
  • Work-related accidents
  • Sports/recreational injuries
  • Slips and falls
  • Chronic pain

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