SpineOne offers a path to clear and reliable treatment of back and neck pain, free from excessive therapy, expensive ongoing treatment, and even invasive surgery.

Physical Therapy for Spine Health

Long-term pain relief
Simple exercises

Ongoing therapy and pain management
Certified physical therapists

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Often, back pain that is caused by instability of your spine makes it difficult to move and twist without pain. Minimally invasive stabilization is an alternative to open back fusion that can be equally effective, but accomplished as an outpatient procedure with a very small incision.

Minimally Invasive Stabilization Surgery

No lengthy recovery
Board-certified surgeons

Less than 1-inch incision
Outpatient procedure

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Natural aging and use can take its toll on our bodies. But sometimes we can use the natural healing capabilities to improve and regain function lost to injury and time. Learn more about regenerative therapies available at SpineOne.

Regenerative Medicine Therapies

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MRI Reviews

Have our physicians review your images at no cost to you, and learn about alternatives to open back surgery.

Identify Your Condition

Learn about what causes back, neck, and joint pain and how symptoms and conditions can be treated.

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Denver’s Emergency Room for Back, Neck, and Joint Pain

With same-day appointments, advanced imaging on site, and a modern ambulatory surgery center, our medical campus has everything needed to examine, diagnose, and treat back, neck, and joint pain quickly.

SpineOne is a team of Denver back pain specialists focused on innovative treatment of spine pain. Our doctors focus on relieving your back pain & neck pain using conservative treatments, therapies, and minimally invasive surgical options.

People come to us for help with pain that interferes with their lives – from sports injuries, chronic pain, car crashes, or work accidents – and we help them get back to a pain-free life. Our physicians and medical staff are some of the best in the area at treating sciatica, ruptured discs, pulled muscles, osteoarthritis, spinal disorders, and acute injuries.

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After over 20 years of discomfort and chronic pain, Mark Schlereth came to SpineOne to get back to a pain free life. Here’s what he had to say about his experience.


Over 90% of Our Patients Recommend SpineOne to Friends & Family


Thank you all for your caring and kindness. All of you hold a special place in my heart for all that you have done for me. From the moment I walked in to the moment I left, i felt well taken care of. To Dr. Khan, Staff, Anesthesia, and Imaging – thank you!

Judi S.

SpineOne has taken great care of me. I will definitely recommend SpineOne to every individual suffering from back issues. Even my own health care provider was not as kind and caring as SpineOne.

Paulo S.

I was very happy to get here and have everything go as smoothly as it did. I was surprised to get X-Rays and an MRI on the same day – usually one has to set up another appointment for the MRI, causing another missed day at work! Everyone was polite and professional from the time I walked in the door – the receptionist, the technicians, and of course Dr. Vu. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone.

Chris Y.

Everyone I dealt with was A+. I’d been in pain for almost a year. I’m so happy I finally got relief and my life back! There wasn’t anything I’d change. Just keep doing the great job you folks do for your patients!

Jeffrey E.
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