Workplace Injuries

Diagnosis, Management, and Treatment

SpineOne Back Pain Relief for Work Injuries

Unfortunately, work injuries are all too common. Millions of Americans suffer serious injuries in the workplace each year, accounting for over 900,000 work days lost to recover. Missing work because of an injury can put a serious strain on your livelihood, not to mention your peace-of-mind. A majority of the 10 most common injuries on the job are those random incidents that can happen to anyone and at any time. If you suffer from one of these injuries, our physicians can help treat you and get you back on the job.

Hurt Yourself on the Job?

Here are some common work injuries and how they’ll effect your back health:

  • Slipping/Tripping/Falling

    This type of injury can be cause by slipping on a wet floor, tripping over something lying on the floor, or falling from a height (such as a ladder). Falling in this way not only injures your spine from the impact, but there are also risks of torsion injuries to your lower back or tailbone, or impact to your knees and shoulders from trying to break your fall.

  • Overexertion

    Overexertion is consistently the top cause of work related injuries. Caused by either too frequent, to heavy, or too rapid movements in pulling, lifting, pushing, holding, carrying, and throwing, overexertion can cause muscle strain, lower back pain, spinal compression, and a number of other treatable conditions

  • Being Hit by Objects

    This type of accident is caused either by walking into objects in the workplace, or by having objects collide with you from falling or being uncontrolled. Common injuries from these accidents include neck pain, joint pain, and foot pain. Back injuries sustained from this type of accident are less common, but could take months to show symptoms.

  • Repetitive Motion Injuries

    Carpal tunnel syndrome and vision problems are the most well-known maladies suffered by those who engage in repetitive motion, including typing and computer use, for extended periods. But these activities can also cause injuries to your lumbar spine. When we sit improperly in our computer chair, our muscle fibers can be twisted in an unnatural manner. This tissue can become inflamed, significantly reducing our mobility.

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How do I get treatment for my work injuries?

Treating work injuries can be a long process. Starting with a thorough analysis from one of our physicians will help you understand the extent of your injury, your treatment options, and your long-term plan for recovery. We accept Workers’ Compensation insurance and we have Workers’ Compensation Level 2 physicians on staff to get you pain free and on the road to a speedy recovery.