"I'd highly recommend SpineOne
to anybody suffering from the same
kind of back issues that I have had
for the last 20 years."

Mark Schlereth's
SpineOne Experience

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"Finally a doctor who listened to me
and wants to find and fix the problem
instead of just giving me drugs and
masking the symptoms."

-Luke, SpineOne Patient

SpineOne is Colorado’s Premiere Medical Center for Back Pain, Neck Pain and Joint Pain

SpineOne is a team of back pain specialists in Denver who have focused on treatment of spine pain for over 20 years. Our modern facility offers exams, imaging (including X-Ray, CT, and Open MRI), and minimally invasive therapies in one location offering same day appointments. The SpineOne experience is designed to treat your back, neck, and joint pain  to give you relief when you need it: today.

We treat spine and joint pain resulting from:

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Mark Schlereth’s SpineOne Experience

After his career of 12 seasons in the NFL, former Denver Broncos player Mark Schlereth suffers from chronic back pain. After dozens of surgeries and nearly constant pain, he came to SpineOne when he heard how much we’ve helped people all over Colorado live pain free lives.

Examination, Imaging, Diagnosis, and Treatment Under One Roof


Our medical center is staffed by a team of physicians at the top of their craft who are trained in the treatment of sport-related and non-sport related spinal injuries and conditions. Their first goal is to learn about you and determine how we can help.

Diagnosis & Imaging

If our doctors need to take a closer look,Park Meadows Imaging is just one floor away.  We have sophisticated diagnostic imaging, such as digital x-rays, Open MRI, and CAT scan in the same facility as our clinic.


If treatment is necessary, SpineOne’s physicians are trained in minimally invasive interventional procedures, such as disc decompressions, injections, and root blocks. Our modern facility and friendly staff will guide you comfortably through your procedure and treatment.

SpineOne Medical Center

Park Meadows Imaging

The Surgery Center at Lone Tree

SpineOne Doctors Explaining Spine AnatomyThis simple question actually has many layers to it. We’ve been treating back and neck pain in the Denver area for almost 20 years, and we’ve learned that the average Colorado resident is anything but average. One answer simply does not fit all.

Back pain can be caused by various injuries and conditions.  The treatment your doctor recommends for your back pain will depend on your medical history, the type of pain, the original cause of the pain, and whether your pain is acute (short-lived, healing within 6-12 weeks) or chronic (ongoing pain).

Luckily, most back pain won’t require surgery and will often begin to get better in 4-6 weeks with rest and exercise. For the rest, we’re gathered some information that will help you understand your back pain and get treatment if you need it.

The SpineOne Blog


Slips and Falls on Ice – Prevention and Options

Colorado’s winter was a bit tardy in 2016, but it looks like it has finally arrived. This is great news for skiers and our hopes of a white Christmas, but it also means icy conditions. With slick sidewalks and driveways, some of us will have the unfortunate experience of a slip and fall on ice this […]

What Do Our Patients Say?

My entire experience was wonderful. It was so helpful to be able to complete all X-Rays and the MRI in one place. The staff was kind & so helpful.

Rachel M.

Dr. Sonstein fit me in during a busy day and showed a professional and courteous manner.  He was extremely knowledgeable and concerned for my well being. He made me feel comfortable during an uncomfortable situation due to my injury.

Daniel G.

Dr. Khan is really compassionate! I had a complete understanding of what would be happening. He laid out the entire treatment path for me to understand.

Jenny L.

Finally a doctor who listened to me and wants to find and fix the problem instead of just giving me drugs and masking the symptoms.  I’m happy with the service I received.

Luke P.

Everyone was so nice and I could tell they really cared. For the first time in two years, I went a full day without pain.

Sandra L.

I’ll tell everyone this is the place to go always! Everybody made me feel at ease from the time I walked in until the time I walked out.

Ryan P.